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Show our factory & equipment of SSAW PIPE
Production equipment is sign of productivity level.Sophisticated production facilities represent advanced productivity
We have purchased scientific test equipment for ssaw steel pipe
※ spectrometer    ※ metallographic    ※ universal testing machine   
※ charpy impact test machine    ※ offline ultrasonic automatic flaw detector    
※ X-ray real time imaging system    ※ 2000t hydrostatic pressure testing machine
How we produce ssaw steel pipe?
Listing some notes You must know
※ Oiled marking: 
Steel after passing wrer oiled to prevent corrosion,and according to user requirements for making.
※ Leveling Milling: 
The flat steel anvil machine so that the origal curl,and then thouth the edge milling machine for two-sided steel milling,so as to meet the requirements of the plate width,plate edge parallelism and groove shape.
※ Shear molding: 
The steel plate production line along the outer edge of the spiral curl into a tube.
※ Butt cut: 
Double-sided submerged arc welding using advanced technology to pre-welding,internal welding,outside wilding.The welded steel pipe using a plasma-foot cut to specification length.
Which specification of SSAW pipe we can offer?
There are some detailed specifications of spiral steel pipe that we produce now for our customers all over the world.

 Or OEM sized , the biggest OD we could do is 3048mm.
What we can do with SSAW steel pipe?
Spiral seam double surface submerged arc steel pipes are used widely in many field,such as fluid,petroleum and natrual gas transportation.Also there are some STANDARDS of PRODUCTS
※ API Spec 5L Line pipe and steel pipe standard;
※ BG/T 9711.1-1997 Delivery of petroleum and natrual gas industrial transportation steel pipe Technical conditions Part 1 Grade-A Steel Pipe;
※ GB/T 9711.2-1999 Delivery of petroleum and natrual gas industrial transportation steel pipe Technical conditions Part 1 Grade-B Steel Pipe;
※ SY/T5037-2000 Spiral submerged are welding steel pipe for low-pressure fluid delivery pipe;