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The iron and steel industry off the ice industry, the huge loss of 72 billion

Time:2016-04-07 10:52:31

Before the October 101 large and medium-sized steel industry fell nearly half of the loss of iron and steel industry operating conditions Bingku the huge loss of 72 billion iron and steel industry continued to deteriorate. "Economic Reference News" learned from authoritative sources, CISA reporter before, in large and medium-sized steel enterprises Steel Association statistics, in October earnings continued to decline, the profits for 12 billion 516 million yuan, a decline of 25%, the main business revenue loss of 14 billion 880 million, a decline of 27.8%, the main business of the monthly sales profit rate -5.37%, a record loss for another year. These sources, from 1 to October, large and medium-sized steel enterprises accumulated losses of 38 billion 638 million yuan, of which the main business losses of 72 billion yuan, 101 large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises in d48 losses, the loss widened to 47.5%, the average sales profit rate of 1.5%. Earlier data show that from January to September this year, the national large and medium-sized steel enterprises sales revenue of about 2 trillion and 240 billion yuan, a total loss of $28 billion 122 million. "A loss of nearly 200 yuan per ton of steel, Tianjin Jiayuan into spiral steel pipe in competing price, the situation is deteriorating." A mill admitted that since the second half of this year the steel industry had a very bad day, because of the late pessimistic market, on the one hand mills are desperately lower inventory, hand in the price competition to sales. Next year, the steel industry outlook is not optimistic. Relevant data show that iron ore prices recently once again fell below the 300 mark, hit 293.5 yuan / ton in the closing low, but the iron ore prices continued to fall and did not make the enterprise turnaround, the plight of the steel industry is still in continuous fermentation. A set of data is clearly shows that the steel industry has been to the winter. The first 10 months of this year, the domestic market crude steel apparent consumption of 5.90 tons, a decrease of 35 million 660 thousand tons, down by 4.55%, while the country's crude steel production was 6.75 tons, down by 15 million 190 thousand tons, down. Obviously, the decline in domestic steel consumption, the magnitude is much greater than the decline in crude steel production. On the other hand, the cooling of the real estate market also makes the steel business market to shrink further. Data show that the current downstream real estate investment in steel for 3 consecutive months of negative growth, the end of, commercial housing inventory of 686 million 320 thousand square meters, an increase of the end of the month than the end of 3.2%, a new record high. "Iron and steel industry is like falling through the ice, the sale is not smooth, the price decline is very serious, far more than the cost of steel to the red line, business continued to deteriorate the steel industry brought widespread losses." Hebei, a steel company official said. More alarmingly, due to continued weakness in the market, the iron and steel enterprises and users of funds are in a tight state, sales of loans are difficult, especially cash cash in the low proportion of iron and steel enterprises face financial tension. As the debt ratio continues to rise, debt risk become more and more obvious, the Tangshan Songting mills and Shanxi Haixin iron and steel discontinued events is the most typical example. Up to now, there are many steel industry listed companies announced the annual report notice, the situation is not optimistic. Data show that in the classification of CITIC industry, 55 listed companies in the steel industry has been published in the annual report of the year 26. The 26 companies, the net profit is expected to be a loss or decline of a total of 22, accounting for about 84.62%. From the point of view of changes in net profit, Baosteel is expected to net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company at the end of the next reporting period compared with the same period last year fell 50%-100%. From the net profit, SGIS loss is the most serious. The company's 2015 annual report shows that net profit is expected to decline by 51.25%, is expected to loss of $2 billion 100 million. My steel mesh chief information officer Xu Xiangchun said that this year, affected by the global environment, domestic and international steel demand is weak, especially in the domestic real estate control policies and railway infrastructure construction projects investment growth, coupled with the downstream automotive, shipbuilding, machinery, home appliances and light steel demand continues to slump that led to the decline in steel prices. From the current point of view, although the iron ore and other raw material costs continue to drop in price, but for the iron and steel enterprises